Individually calico pocketed springs: steel springs. Vispring only uses new vanadium steel, each one compressed into individual calico pockets. This new steel is stronger, more responsive and more durable than recycled wire.

Honeycomb nesting: by leaving no gaps between the springs, there will be a consistent density of springs in the mattress, so the surface of the mattress becomes smooth and even. This way a perfect sleeping surface will be created.

Air vents all around the mattress: to ensure your mattress is fresh and dry for you at bedtime, Vispring uses air vents along all of the borders to allow the mattress to air during the day.

Genuine hand side-stitching: traditional handcraftsmanship throughout the entire process: Vispring’s senior upholsterers hand-sew with traditional needles and twine at least 2 rows of side-stitching through the border of every mattress, to create strong and stable edges, thus extending the sleeping area right to the edge of the mattress. (For most of the other manufacturers, the side-stitching is not genuine and is just for decorative reasons. Most competitors also use metal rods in the mattress, which makes the sleeping surface smaller and less flexible.)

Virgins fillings (= all natural materials): you will find nothing but the finest natural materials in a Vispring mattresses


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