Shuj guides you through this life zone in which the turmoil dies down and your mild desires of intimacy, privacy, warmth and rest surface again. A world with no audience, ostentatious urges no impositions of roles. Once the modern mask of determination is off, we are left with a natural inclination to peace and well-being.

Shuj encloses and reveals a parallel universe leading not only to relaxation, but also to getting back our balance through pure and naturally processed materials, as if their natural gentleness somehow gives new life to what is best in ourselves.

Silk Duvet Shuj

Shuj silk duvets are filled with countless overlapping layers of pure silk and are entirely hand-made, following an ancient and skillful tradition passed down by Chinese Buddhist monks since the 1st century A.D.


Each silk duvet has cufflinks to customize the weight of purest silk to suit your sleep needs.

Discover silk duvet
Bedcare Shuj

The cotton/linen mixtures emphasise the lightness of its precious content with impressive chromatisms thanks to the garment dyeing technique achieved by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen.

Pure cashmere throws and soft pure silk throws complete the range.

Loungewear Shuj

Made of best quality Mongol cashmere and pure silk, the items of Shuj Loungewear collection are available in their natural colors (ivory and dove-grey) so that nothing gets lost in their exclusive softness and impalpability. 

13 freely matchable models for you to create your own personal collection.

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