Victoria derives from the word “victory” in Latin, being born by the Roman goddess of victory.

It’s with victory that the Victoria bed was designed, to achieve the combination of great looks and comfort to carry you away to a place of ultimate luxury.

The exclusive Victoria bed combines the new Victoria mattress with the De Luxe divan

and the Victoria headboard for a strikingly elegant, stylish and luxurios design.

The Victoria mattress, handcrafted by master craftsmen, features supreme comfort based on an exclusive construction: one layer of hand-nested calico pocketed springs from the finest Vanadium steel, encased in generous layer of 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton and Bristish horsehair. Using traditional processes and sourcing from horses around the fells and moors or northern England, Bristish horsehair is a superb fibre providing unparalleled springness and ensuring optimum air is circulated and wicking away moisture to maximise your comfort throughout the night.

Victoria is available in an exclusive selection of ten new fabrics in a blend of cotton/linen across a pallet of various colours.

With a guarantee of unparalleled luxury and ultimate comfort for a peaceful night’s sleep, the exclusive Victoria bed is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the very best in life.