Vispring knows how to get a good night sleep. This knowledge is the basis of every element of a bed Vispring , such as natural fibers that respond to the warmth of your body , creating the ideal temperature for sleep, the padding dense, fine fabrics and stitching careful to maintain standards the highest of hygiene and comfort . All this to have a quiet sleep and regenerating. All this to have a quiet sleep and regenerating . Incomparable comfort will change your way of life and this is the ultimate promise of a bed Vispring.

For over 100 years the Company has constantly striven to improve the qualitycomfort and durability of its products. This is achieved through the use of ever more luxurious fillings, increased spring counts within the mattresses and increased variations. Examples include Vispring’s pioneering of soft, medium and firm spring tensions, combination and zipped mattresses and the two layer “double pocket” construction.

Who sleeps in a Vispring bed?

Royals, politicians, actors, actresses, models, sports celebrities, TV personalities,… sleep in a Vispring bed.

An example of a few royals, politicians and celebrities: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The King and Queen of Jordan, Joan Collins (actress), Victoria (fashion/musician) and David Beckham (footballer), Kylie Minogue (musician), Gwyneth Paltrow (actress), Brian Adams (musician), Elle Macpherson (model), Noel Gallagher (musician), Terry Wogan (presenter), Elton John (musician), Paul McCartney (musician), Joanne Lumley (actress).

Beds Visrping

Handmade beds, customized to offer the best comfort and a sure customer satisfaction. Vispring offers endless options. Each model is a stepping stone in terms of increased springs and fillings, improved divans. Each model has its own tangible features and benefits, which tells a different story for each different bed.

Vispring Matress

Vispring only uses new vanadium steel, each one compressed into individual calico pockets. This new steel is stronger, more responsive and more durable than recycled wire.

Headboards Vispring

VIspring offers you 22 different headboards, covered with the finest and strongest fabric from our collection or leather.

Wide range of headboards in all styles.

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