Hästens Vividus

This is the ultimate perfection. The result of our centuries-long passion for craftsmanship and passion for expert bed making. Nobody in the history of mankind had ever before slept in a bed like the Hästens Vividus.

Are you one of the privileged who ever will? We set out on a quest simply to build the best bed in the world. Hastens gathered the most valuable insights from our 160 years of expertise in handmade bed making.

Hästens sought on the world’s best knowledge of what creates comfort and the best sleep for the human body. Hästens searched the planet for the very finest natural materials. Then they put it all in the hands of our most skillful and experienced craftsmen. Everything is done exclusively by hand using nothing but nature’s own materials. From this comprensive process emerged the Hästens Vividus. There is simply nothing like it in the world. Hästens takes the utmost care in creating Vividus. Each bed is made to order according to your specifications and takes between 140 and 160 manhours to made.

The way Hästens Vividus is made is a craft exquisite in every detail, accomplished with such passion by the human hand, as to render it an art in itself. Years and generations of knowledge and expertise brought together in a bed living you the ultimate recovery of body and soul. It is our true belief that this is the finest art of sleep that exists on earth.

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